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Selection 1 
(Before) - Color Correction of Digital Images
We will restore, balance and correct color, brightness and contrast of the digital images. The color gradients of digital images are analyzed and the optimum tone curve for each color is determined for effective color correction. Color Cast Correction Multicolored, tungsten or fluorescent lighting as well as fading light can create unwanted color casts in digital images. Our expert team removes and corrects the color casts that have been caused by such effects.
Selection 2 
(After) - Color Correction and Cropping
Cropping is a fundamental tool in composing interesting and compelling photos. While color corrections fix color and exposure problems in photos. With flash photography red-eye will sometimes occur, this will also be eliminated with color corrections.
Selection 3 
Every Picture Tells a Story
Photography, is in many respects applied art. There are technical aspects to taking the 'image' but there's also a significant artistic component in the composition of memorable photos. Cropping is one of the most fundamental principles in image composition. How we crop an image is an integral part of the story telling process.
Selection 4 
Cropping is the act of cutting away unnecessary or unwanted portions of an image to help focus the viewers attention. When finding balance, visual distractions can also include an image with poor vertical or horizontal alignment. Rotating and cropping the image will help remove significant visual distractions. Before you discard an image you think of as boring or uninteresting because the subject is small or off centered, let us turn that throw-away image into a frame worthy print.
Selection 5 
Cropping for Dynamic Effect
Todays technology allows photos to be enlarged to larger than life without any noticeable loss in quality. When an image is cropped, pixels are physically removed so the more pixels you capture, the more flexibility you have in cropping later. Capturing maximum pixels provides the greatest amount of flexibility later for cropping, as large portions of an image can be removed yet still provide sufficient resolution for printing.
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